Building Owners And Property Managers

There’s a serious disconnect between your technology and your tenants, and it’s costing you more than you may realize. Dedicated tenant experience apps simply aren’t completely effective, with only around 20% of tenants making use of them when available.

The remaining 80% still rely on phone calls and emails, eating away at your staff’s valuable time. Activate’s QR code-driven technology allows your tenants to instantly connect with building management, as well as other common tenant resources via our platform.

Our solution is also fully compatible with your existing tenant app. Why settle for 20% efficiency when you could have 100%?

Building Owners And Property Managers
Digital Strategy And The Physical World

Digital Strategy And The Physical World

Activate provides intuitive technology solutions that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Our platform enables you to instantly connect owners, operators, staff, tenants, and prospective tenants using a frictionless, QR code-based platform that can be accessed with any mobile device.

Gain detailed insights into your operations, increase tenant satisfaction, and add value to your portfolio while reducing lost staff time and other expenses.

Distributed Technology

We took a unique approach to building technology. Our 50+ applications function individually, so they don’t rely on any centralized software or hardware, and can integrate into any existing digital ecosystem.

All it takes to access Activate’s powerful and flexible platform is a smartphone capable of scanning simpler QR code. Let us show you why we’re the first technology solution provider for property owners and managers that understands the value of keeping things simple.

Activate's "Mobile Accessibility Platform" requires NO software downloads by the user, nor service provider

Onboarding our platform is easy, and doesn't require any additional hardware installations